Vic's Lifetime Warranty

No matter how well something is built. Eventually it will give way to time and use. My pickups are not impervious to this. Though i do build them tough and hope it gives you many many years of trouble free use... you may come across an issue. For this i offer free repair. You paid your good money for my product. I can certainly give you my time to make sure the product continues to be worth the money paid. 

I ask that you do not send me a pickup thats been cut in half because you feel its getting old and you woud just like a new one. Im not the monster cable company. 

If your pickup is crackling. If its cutting out on you. If the jack is worn out*. send it on over to me.

Zac Victor

PO Box 815

Garden City, Mi


*Make sure that jack is clean. A dirty jack will crackle. Use contact clear spray. Also, make sure your patch cable is not the problem