PICKUP STYLE: This is single wing pickup. There are two piezo elements on the top and bottom of the casing. This is an all around pickup that works for every style of playing. It is strong enough to pick up the percussive elements of any slap playing.   

Specs: The pickup comes with your choice of 1/4" female or male jacks. Male RCA or 2.5mm jacks also available.


Installation: The standard bridge wing will need to be opened up with a wood file to fit this pickup. The pickup should fit snug, but not too tight. If it's too tight it will cut off the low end sound of the pickup. If it's too loose it will cause feedback. You can use wood shims or guitar picks to place in the wing if you make the gap too large. Velco strips are included to fix the jack to the tailpiece or on the strings between the bridge and tailpiece. 

For more info on dialing in your sound, check out the tips section on the site.